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Urgent: if you’re alive read this

2020 feels like a zombie apocalypse. Like a nightmare. With a terrifying list of unfortunate events. From Covid, rape, explosion, genocide, racism, rape, and most recently in Nigeria, police brutality. Just when you think you’ve understood 2020, and have figured out how to strike a balance amidst the craziness, something else throws you off balance.

In the past few weeks, as a people , we Nigerians have experienced one of the worst times in our history. What started out as a peaceful protest, to call out and seek justice against police brutality, and later on bad governance, became a gory event. Rather than a solution, Nigerian youths were met with more brutality, and as a result many lost their lives. More than anything, the youths have realized that we are under siege, from bad governance and extremely corrupt leaders.

What can we do about this?

Which way Naija?

Peaceful protest is good. We’ve tried that, and we were met with violence. We wouldn’t want more people to lose their lives. Which is why the best way to win, is to re- strategize. Winning a war, requires wisdom, wit, effective strategy, unity, strength, and resources.

The question is , what can you do, right now, to be part of the change we all seek?
Here are a couple of things we can all do:

Educate yourself: a large number of Nigerian youths are not interested in politics. Their reason: politics is a dirty game. That’s a valid point. Politics can get dirty. But it’s mostly because of the people playing it dirty.
Politics is a methodology and activities associated with running a government, an organization, or a movement. Even if you don’t want to hold any political postion, no qualms. But then do the least: read books on nation building, books on good governance, know your rights, observe, watch world leaders speak. If we need to advance, we all need to be politically aware.

Participate : talk is cheap. The action is in the participation. In the coming election, it is your civil responsibility to vote. Your vote counts. If you don’t vote, it counts as well. Don’t be swayed by honey coated lies. We have a vision now, and that is a new Nigeria, where social amenities is no longer a primary problem. A Nigeria that grants access to premium education and health. A Nigeria that supports entrepreneurial and technological advancement. Participate by ensuring that you have your PVC. And on the set date, you avail yourself to vote. The New Naija depends on all of us.

Play your role: the truth is, our leaders weren’t ordered online, or imported. They came from us. People hardly become corrupt all of a sudden. In fact, what power does, is to magnify who a person has always been.

In essence, whatever role you play: A father and mother? Teach your kids good values. Teacher? Teach excellently and show up for your students. Lecturer? Stop collecting bribes to pass students and stop harassing students sexually. Financial secretary for a small firm? Choose to be honest, be accountable and do your work excellently. We can only grow if everyone of us play our role well.

Awareness : Not everybody understands what’s really going on. As much as you can, spread the word, and emphasize on the need for change. Use your platform to create awareness.Become an ambassador of the change you badly want. See it this way, if you vote for someone you believe will lead Nigeria well, and more than half of the country vote for a corrupt leader, what do you think would happen? You see, as much as you can, educate other people.

Cheers to the New Nigeria, as we build together.

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