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Start with what you have, just where you are

Naturally, before we venture into anything, we want to have everything laid out almost perfectly.

Say you’ve been meaning to start a YouTube channel for a while now. You have interesting hot topics to share, and really cool Vlog ideas. However, you’re intimidated by other YouTubers with more than 100k followers, because their video is superb. They use the latest Cannon camera, and their videography is on point. They edit their videos with really cool apps, on their Macbook pro, and their editing skills are topnotch. Plus they know the right amount of humour to add to their videos to make their viewers laugh. To you they are YouTube gods(or goddesses), and if you can’t measure up, then you certainly shouldn’t bother putting out any video.

The truth is , no matter what it is you want to delve into, quality is king. It shouldn’t be compromised at all.
However, if you can’t afford the technology or funding you need , to do all that you want to do, would you shelf your idea, and let it collect dust, until all you need has aligned? Chances are there’s always going to be newer technology. And you’re always going to need bigger funding. If that may be the case, how do you build the bridge that transports your ideas to reality?

I met a young man few years ago, and I was fascinated by how far he’d go to get stuff done. He was a graphic designer at the time. Not only that, but he was also a hub of creativity. He could sketch anything in a blink of an eye. He was that good. In fact, once you share an idea with him, he’d come up with ways to brand that idea. If you’re wise enough to do what he suggests, you’re on your way to better days. Literally. He was that good.

Yet, this extremely talented designer didn’t have a laptop at the time. Money that came to him from his parents, went to school stuff. Buying text books and handouts,paying for one project or another,personal expenses and rent fee. He couldn’t afford a laptop. Thankfully, he did have something. A 16GB flash drive, and a tasteful graphic designer skill.

A lack of laptop didn’t stop him at all. Instead he explored his options. He had buddies that owned laptops, that they didn’t even use often. Except perhaps to watch movies or entertain girls with movies( typical Uni boys LOL).
With permission, he installed CorelDraw app on two of his friend’s laptops. The app helped him design logos, fliers , business cards, wedding invitation cards, book designs and everything designable.

Whenever he got jobs from people to do a design, he’d simply use any of his friend’s laptops, get the design done, and copy it to his flash drive. If the clients wanted him to print the design on a flex banner for instance. He’d go to the printing press, have them copy the file from his flash to their own computer, and from there, print out the design. Also, if the client wanted him to send an e-copy of the design, he’d not only copy the file to his flash, but also to his phone, so he could send it to them via email, or What’sapp.

Soon enough, he finally made enough money to buy his own laptop. Did he compromise quality? Nope. What he did instead was become resourceful. He took an inventory of what he had ( in this case a 16GB flash drive,great skill and the zeal to hustle). Plus what he needed but didn’t currently own, ( a laptop) he borrowed from his supportive Friends.

Even though our paths are different and our aspirations too. You need to know this, the principle is the same. Nobody starts out having everything they need. However as you start out with what you have, you’d progress, and in good time, be able to acquire all the things you may need.

Let’s go back to you as the aspiring YouTuber analogy( check the paragraphs above, if you’ve forgotten). You are intimidated by other YouTubers with over a 100k followers and flashy contents.
It can be scary, especially when you (let’s just call you Ade. Let’s ignore gender for a minute.) don’t even have a camera, a pin microphone and a Macbook pro.

How ever, if Ade takes an inventory of what he has, it may go a little like this.
Smart phone.
Sense of humour ( just good enough for YouTube).
Mind blowing topics up for discussion. ( I’m talking topics with the potential to go viral).
Great Vlog ideas.

What he doesn’t have will come later, but mostly if he uses what he has. He has a smart phone. Ade could learn about smart phone photography and videography for YouTube. Plus there are really cool editing apps for smart phones.

That way, Ade is not compromising quality. Yes. It’s not the best it can be yet, but he’s making progress. He’s attracting followers, he’s sharing his message, he’s probably even going viral. And soon he’d be able to buy all the tech he really needs to make his craft even spicier.

Honestly, I don’t know what may be holding you back from doing what you’ve always loved to do. Maybe you’re waiting for the perfect time, or for everything to fall in place and align perfectly. Man. The chances that you’d find a perfect time is almost zero.

Today, do something you may have never done; just like counting your blessings, take inventory of what you have, and think of creative ways to get stuff done with what you have. So that you can begin that amazing journey to where you need to be. You’d be amazed the things you’re capable of.

Keep soaring!

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