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My husband is a monster

I had just poured myself a glass of orange juice when my phone rang. It was from my daughter’s school. Usually the school would send a reminder text for PTA meetings or any important information. I couldn’t help but wonder why they had chosen to call. Did my daughter emerge as the best in a quiz ? Is she too brilliant for her class? What could it be?

” Good afternoon ma”

“Good afternoon.” My curiosity heightened. What was this call about?

” My name is Mrs Akudo. I’m the headmistress’s secretary. The headmistress want to meet with you by 1pm today ma. I’m sorry that it’s impromptu…..”

” Yes it is” I interrupted ” You don’t call parents and randomly fix meetings. People have things to do.”

” I’m really sorry ma. But the headmistress wouldn’t have requested this meeting if it wasn’t urgent.”

” What do you mean urgent, did anything happen to my daughter ? Did she get into a fight?”

” No ma. It’s not that…”

“Then what is it?” I cut her again. She should cut to the chase.

” There are recent concerns about your daughter. When you come over, the headmistress will explain better.”

” To be honest, I don’t like this. I should have been informed yesterday, at least I could have planned for this meeting.”

” I’m truly sorry ma. So will you be around by 1pm?”

” Yes.”

“Thank you ma, see you shortly. “

I hung up.

I clicked the power button of my phone , the light came on and revealed that the time was 12:15pm. I had the right amount of time to put on light makeup and drive to my daughter’s school.


” Mrs Ada good afternoon.” The headmistress stood up from her swirl office seat as I walked into her office. ” I’m sorry for setting up a meeting impromptu.”

” it’s fine.” I managed a smile ” Mrs Adaku already explained.”

The headmistress was a cheerful small woman in her mid forties. She was easy on the eyes. Being around her put me at ease. Like I had reconnected with an old friend.

” Mrs Ada the reason for this meeting today is because of your daughter Maureen.” Her tone went from cheerful to flat sad. ” Em I think.. ahem…. Excuse me, let me drink some water.”

Why did her throat suddenly feel dry? My heart started racing. Blame it on being a mum.

” Mrs Ada I think your husband is sexually abusing Maureen.” She could barely keep her hands still from shaking.

It felt like a giant alien from outer space was compressing Earth and making all of us Earthtians gasp for air.

” Mrs Ada!!!” The panicky headmistress aroused me to the present. ” Are you okay?”

Am I okay? Lady you just made an accusation that my husband. The man that I love with my whole heart, my body and soul, had sexually assaulted my only daughter, My only child. Am I okay?

” You said you think. You think or you’re sure?” I felt a bitter taste in my mouth.

” Mrs Ada. Maureen is a vibrant kid. Outgoing, cheerful and brilliant. However, in the last three weeks, her class teacher have reported that she is more withdrawn, aggressive towards her classmates, especially the boys. We got concerned and interrogated her.”


” in her words” The headmistress continued ” Daddy put his Willy in my peepee.”

I laughed so loud that the headmistress dialed the school doctor. Hysteria.

” I don’t believe you. You interrogated my kid without my consent , then manipulated her into saying this nonsense” I flared, my forehead vein popping.

” Mrs Adaku, bring Maureen to my office” the Headmistress said over the phone.

My daughter walked in small shaky steps, her class teacher, a tall slim woman led her in. My outspoken little girl looked sad and awash in fear. I stood up, cupped her in a tight embrace, then looked her square in the eyes. This was the moment of truth.

” What did daddy do to you?” All the while keeping my gaze on her. I tried to hide my fears behind a warm smile as I asked her.

” Mummy” she whispered “Daddy put his Willy in my Peepee.

Everything was fuzzy, clammy and nothing made sense. My body went into a blackout, as I fell to the ground.

to be continued next Saturday.

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  1. Adanna kelechi Akobundu

    Naa….you just didn’t leave us on a high. Can next Saturday be tomorrow. Can’t wait for 1, 2, 3, …7!
    I was already imagining all the drama in my head. Great read as always!!

  2. Haba, IVY stop this suspense na, it’s not fair, here I was waiting for drama to unfold

  3. Did you just leave us hanging? Oh girl! Reading this,I was thinking, how can people be so creative af. Keep it up girl, I’m rooting for you.

  4. Lol. Thanks sis. I cannot leave you hanging now. Thanks so much for reading.

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