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Murdered for looking fresh

It was on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I remember because my friend Oluchi wanted us to hang out and chill. We both had one of the most stressful weeks in our entire work experience as co-founders of Luca speed: a delivery service that assist customers send parcels or items across Nigeria, for a token. An affordable token. We coined the name from both of our middle names; Lu from Oluchi and Ca from my name Cassandra.

That week alone, we delivered more than seventy – five thousand items to different locations. We were beyond stressed and desperately needed to lay of all that steam. That is why this Chikala suggested that we had a relax – and -be taken- care -of- kinda weekend. Good thinking Oluchi. Good thinking. 😇

We decided to try out one of the porsche restaurants in Lekki. You know, the type that classy chicks go to eat, and you like when they post it on their IG. We came ready. Ready to swipe our cards. If we perish, we perish. Money must be spent. Period! 💰

In this Lagos, you have to treat yourself like royalty. After all, nobody is exiting earth with all the money they’ve made. Plus we wanted the aesthetics. You know what they say about tastefully styled eat outs? Even if the food is not as great, the pictures taken here would give my instagram page a facelift. I deserve to be 🎶 Classy, bougie, ratchet. 🎶

Luckily, we got our money’s worth. The food was heaven in a plate, plus we took pictures that will make heads roll on the gram.#YOLO 😂 #Chopbelleful #Godnogoshameus

This confirms why I need to make more money. Ah! Thunder fire who talk say enjoyment no good o.

We were having such a great time: Oluchi sharing unadulterated details of the hot men queuing up for her love. And poor me, making great effort to sway our convo from men to business and what it will feel like to travel outside of Africa for a girls trip sorta vacation. Starting from Dubai, then Paris then NYC.

These lofty aspirations drive me to work on my dreams even harder. To be honest, my motive for switching up our conversation is that I don’t particularly have lots of exciting men lining up for my love. Or randomly sending me Balenciaga shoes, like Oluchi’s list. Plus my mental health is important abeg. If She keeps on going on about this hot wealthy men of hers, I might just lose it and go rich man hunting. Yeah. I said what I said. 🙅

I can’t remember exactly what Oluchi said that made me laugh until chewed particles of potato chips dipped in ketchup spewed out of my mouth, like a missile targeted at an enemy. Silly girl. She must have said something dangerously funny. Because I lost a potential good looking dude who had been stealing glances at me, because of this dramatic laugh. The young man literally parted his lips open in utter shock, then stopped stealing glances entirely. Mtcheew. So I shouldn’t laugh abi 😒

My laughter had evolved into a wheeze, when my phone rang. It was from my buddy Lauren.

” Sandie where are you? Are you OK? Are you online? No matter what you see, take it easy OK? ” Her voice was shaky like she was holding back from crying. Also I could hear a voice in the background, saying “No tell am o. “

I panicked. Don’t tell me what?

Prior to the call from Lauren, my browsing data was turned off. I wanted to soak in the enjoyment without any distraction from social media. So I swiped down on my phone screen and clicked on the data connection icon, and messages buzzed my phone crazy. I tapped one open and it read

I’m sorry for your loss, accept my condolences. I pray that justice is served.

I was confused. I clicked on.

Sandie may God comfort you and your family in this times.

OMG Sandie where are you? let me come to where you are.

Hey babe please avoid social media for now. I’m on my way to your house.

There will be no rest for the wicked. These wicked people won’t go unpunished. Please dear accept my condolences. It is well.

Sandie where are you? You’re not at home, I’ve been knocking and calling you on whatsapp you’re not answering.

The mixture of shock and confusion on my face must have worried Oluchi, because she stood up from where she sat across from me, and sat next to me. ” Sandie is everything OK? “

By now tears have lodged in my eyes and are free falling. ” “I don’t know ” I manage to say. With the messages I read, one thing was certain, someone I know, someone I’m closely involved with is dead. But who?

In that moment I’m grateful that Oluchi is sitting quietly by my side. Her calm support was the anchor I needed. So I mustered the courage to click instagram open, and check a popular news page. At least two people that texted me had cautioned me to stay away from social media. Which means the answer I desperately needed, was there.

That was when I saw it, a video and comments from most of my friends.

I clicked play.

A police officer dragged a young adult male out of the driver’s seat of a black Lexus, while the other four officers stood by, hands on gun. The young man was gesturing that his papers were in the car, when the officer that dragged him out slapped him. That was when I looked closely and saw that it was my younger brother. Samuel. My baby brother Sammy. It’s not a stranger. It’s Sammy. My Sammy.

At this point, Oluchi reached for my phone to stop me from watching further, but I shoved her, and she almost fell. She didn’t try to stop me any more. By the time I got my eyes back on the screen, the officer was ranting about how my brother was an internet fraudster, and how people like him have placed Nigeria on a bad spot in the world.

The officer’s reference for crime tagging Sammy was that his hair was deadlocked, and he rode an expensive car. In his defense, my baby brother pulled out his phone to perhaps call someone for help, When one of the four officers that stood by shot him straight on his forehead while he casually said ” him wan call e follow thief. Idiot. ” My brother fell to the ground lifeless.

Before my eyes, a police officer shot my brother in the head.

My brother worked really hard : web designer, has a fashion school and a school of catering, plus he was preparing to gain a masters degree in business management. He has never tricked anyone for their money. Never! And yet, he was murdered because he was doing well for himself.

I remember thinking that all that Sammy ever wanted was to help the needy, as he has done for past five years through his NGO Sam Foundation. Somewhere between thinking, I become fuzzy, and I see Oluchi’s hand reach for me, as I fall, and everything blacks out.


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  1. Adanna kelechi Akobundu

    I could literally play every scene like a movie in my head from just your description. This might be a fiction but truly is our reality right there and even worse. #ENDSARS #endpolicebrutality !!!

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