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A runs girl’s tale 2

It’s hard to forget your first anything: first love. First sex. First heartbreak. First time on a plane. First pregnancy. First job. First one million in the account. First car. First trip out of the country. First designer bag or perfume. First time at the University. First cash-out from a …

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A runs girl’s tale

My mother did her best to raise me right. I give her that. Oh that woman polished me till I shone, and became the kind of daughter she had hoped to raise. For a while,if I may add. From age five, she started talking to me about marriage. It didn’t …

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Urgent: if you’re alive read this

2020 feels like a zombie apocalypse. Like a nightmare. With a terrifying list of unfortunate events. From Covid, rape, explosion, genocide, racism, rape, and most recently in Nigeria, police brutality. Just when you think you’ve understood 2020, and have figured out how to strike a balance amidst the craziness, something …

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Murdered for looking fresh

It was on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I remember because my friend Oluchi wanted us to hang out and chill. We both had one of the most stressful weeks in our entire work experience as co-founders of Luca speed: a delivery service that assist customers send parcels or items across …

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I am a bowl of ice-cream

If I were to give a seven word speech about my life currently, It’d be: ” Match me I am your door mat.” My name is Omolara Adeola but my homies call me Lara. I suffer from PPD (people pleasing disease). It’s a silly thing for a girl like me …

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Interview : “I had several limiting beliefs holding me back from living the life of my dreams . ” — Juliet Israel recounts her career journey

For the August edition of our monthly interview series, we had an amazing conversation with the one and only Juliet Israel. Juliet Israel is all about helping individuals gain clarity and discover how to live life like a pro. By utilizing simple mind techniques to destroy self sabotaging beliefs and …

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