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10 Things You Need to Give More Time to Become Highly Effective

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Everyone wants to be more effective at what they do; both at work and in their personal lives. The irony is that, most of them engage in a lot of activities that make them less effective. We want to assume that you don’t want to be under that category of people. This post contains the 10 things you need to give more time to become highly effective at work and in your personal life. 

It is the summary from a survey conducted on employees of different companies by the FasthireNg team.

  1. Learning a New Skill:

Make it a habit to learn a new skill often. You can commit to learning one new skill every year. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a work-related skill; you could learn how to read faster, talk more eloquently, etc. 

You can also make it about work and dedicate time to learn a new skill that will help you advance your career. Learning a new skill that will be on high demand post-COVID-19 will be a good decision to make, you can check this list.

  1. Teaching: 

What is the best way to master what you have learned? Teaching!

Teaching is also one of the most effective ways to show that you care. As the saying goes; sharing is caring.

It is no doubt that a lot of people are looking for knowledge; they are in search of friends/mentors who can guide them based on their acquired knowledge or experience. Therefore, you’ll be doing humanity a favour when you give teaching a chance. 

Share from the little or much that you know, someone’s will benefit from it. Don’t assume that you don’t know enough to share, you will be surprised when you find out the number of people that don’t know the little that you know.

Thousands of people can/will benefit from the knowledge you have if only you will share it. It could be as simple as sharing your thoughts on your WhatsApp status, Twitter, or Facebook timeline.

You can discover more benefits of teaching here.

“People, who know, always feel that they don’t know enough. While the people who don’t know are always confident sharing what they know.” – Anonymous

  1. Quiet Time:  

This is a time you put aside for you and your thoughts; no work, no stress, just relax and let your mind wander. Think freely, question the things you believe, try disproving, and reproving them.  When you go through this process, you will be more confident about your beliefs.

New ideas will come to you during your quiet time. Most importantly, quiet time is a good time to shut the world and its numerous noise and distractions.

Quiet time helps you slow down time, articulate your goals, and targets then come up with a good execution plan. Quiet time is best in the morning; it’s like a calm before the storm. The 2 hours you use to sharpen your sword before you go out to war.

  1. Reading:

This cannot be overemphasized, read more often, and improve your knowledge. Read books on religion, technology, health, education, inspiration, fiction, prose, poetry, etc.

Read! Read!! Read!!! 

Reading can be the best way to learn about people, places, and events.

  1. Watching the News/Reading Newspaper:

Doing this will help you stay connected with your immediate environment and the world at large. Watching the news or reading the papers can also help you find out new opportunities.

  1. Documentaries:

This is a good way to feed your mind and discover the wonders and possibilities of humanity. There’s a lot you can learn from documentaries. For instance; when you watch a documentary that tells someone’s story, you get to learn a lot about the challenges people face and how they overcame them. Documentaries will help open your eyes to see that anything is possible if you work towards it.

  1. Exercising:

Exercising often helps you stay fit and healthy. When you exercise, your heart pumps more blood to all parts of your body.  You sweat and remove toxic waste from your body.

  1.  Help Other People:

Is it not very easy for you to get busy meeting up with your goals and targets? You bet it is. 

Your to-do list is filled with activities and tasks that you don’t have the time to extend a helping hand to people. What you should understand about the human race is that we are more interdependent than we are dependent. We were created to rest on one another (social beings).

Commit today to accommodate people’s needs in your to-do list. Reach out to people and just support them. 

You put a call through, find out ways you can be of support to them, and do it without expecting a favour in return. You do it just for the hell of it, not because you want something in return but just because you can help.

  1. Time for Family and Friends:

Making more time for family and friends should be a culture if you want to be effective. A happy home, is a happy man. To promote healthy relationships amongst family members, set out time for dates, family dinner, family get together, outing, and any other activity that can engage the members of the family. It enables family members to bond and promotes a healthy inter-family relationship.

Don’t let work take the place of family. Have a balanced life, because after all is set and done, you’ll retire and go back to your family not your co-workers. If you allowed your family to suffer at the detriment of your job, you’ll reap the fruits. So ensure you put family first and give them the attention they deserve.

  1. Writing:

Make it a habit to write often, your thoughts, ideas, and plans are things that need to be documented else you will lose a good portion of it. You don’t have to publish it. Writing helps you stay accountable to yourself and in years to come, the things you have written today will be a compass for a younger generation.

I hope you found this helpful? What other things would you add to this list?

Compiled by Fasthire content writing team. Fasthire is the job board for entry-level and mid-level careers in Nigeria.

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