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10 smart things every twenty-something should know

Whether you’re in your early, mid or late twenties, this is for you. Being in your twenties can be super cool; you’re young, in your prime, living your life, having fun, meeting new people, traveling , and all that.

Also it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Quarter life crisis is common. Mostly from feeling like an underachiever. Especially when people you started with, have gone ahead of you.

Not withstanding, here are 10 things you should know as a twenty something. You ready? Leggo!

  1. Protect your genitals! Don’t fall for the pull out game sham. Ladies no matter how convincing his face looks when he assures you he’s a pull out champion, don’t fall for it. Chances are he’d get sloppy one day. Even champions lose tournaments. If you must have sex, protect yourself. Even better, abstain, until you’re married. Listen, STDs are a thing. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life treating STDs. Or dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.

2.Hanny put your ideas to work. Your big ideas are going to float around in your head for a long time, until you man up or woman up , roll up your sleeves and put them to work. Period!

3. Sleep baby, sleep 😴 Listen. No for real, really listen. Do not. I repeat. Do not. Do not underestimate the refreshing power of sleep. I know. I know. Your dreams are keeping you on your toes, and you barely have time to sleep. You work round the clock, because the dream must happen. That’s understandable. But if you don’t sleep well, one day, you’d get so knocked out and worn out, that you won’t go hard on your dreams. So plan your sleep.

4. Don’t compare yourself to others, you’d lose this game. Social media is a good thing, however, it has also become a source for viewing folks who claim to be living their best lives on a daily. And poor you, on the other side of the phone, squirming , and comparing every bit of your life with some stranger on IG. Maybe it’s not even on social media, but you get the point. Comparing yourself to others is unhealthy for you. It will steal your joy, make you ungrateful for how far you’ve come, and arouse envy. You don’t want to live like this.

5. Your friends make or break you. #pleasedontargue The people you spend your time with, rub off on you. Yeah that’s why your mum is always pissed when crazy Nancy comes to your house. Sheesh You better listen to your mum. Spend your twenties building meaningful friendships with people who have great values. It will pay off in your life, you’d see. That is not to say that you should treat people who don’t exactly have good morals as trash. No. The point here is to be respectful to everyone, but be wise about the company you keep. Got it?

6. Save that dough. No matter how little, save money. Don’t go about buying stuff you don’t need , to impress folks who don’t even give a shit about you. The purpose of saving is not just so you could stockpile money , it’s so you can invest, or handle projects.

7. Document memories. As much as you can, film certain experiences, take pictures. So you’d have something to look back to. To recall sweet memories, see how far you’ve come and laugh at maybe how not so cool you looked. #throwbackthursday #flashbackfriday

8. Have fun and no don’t drink to stupor or smoke your lungs out. Have fun. Not fun that will put your health or life at risk. But fun that will help you relax, chill,happy and well rested.

9. Work that body buddy! Your body is your temple ,take care of it. Exercise. Eat right. Maybe have one or two cheat meal days. Drink plenty water and of course mind your business.

10.Don’t forget home. In your twenties, there’s so much going on. Perhaps you’ve left home to follow your dreams and you might not be able to visit as much as you should. That’s ok. Find an alternative. Call. Video chat. Maybe even visit once in a while. Whatever, just stay plugged in to your family.

There is so much to add to the list of things twenty something’s should know. What will you suggest?

Please comment below.


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  1. Adanna kelechi Akobundu

    It’s Always a pleasure reading your works…never a dull moment! Everything you’ve said is truth! As much as I would like to add other things to the list I’d rather piggy down on what u said about the company you keep. See ehh…if u have useless friends/cartel/OGs/clique, whatever u label them to be, you’ll never amount to much. Be very intentional about choosing your friends, choose as seriously as u would choose a spouse (I believe we know how important marriage is. Ok let me not deviate…)
    Honestly, surround yourself with people who inspire or motivate you in certain areas of your life where you want to see growth and significant change. It’s not about being selfish as long as u also bring value to the table too.
    It works, it really works.

  2. Thanks for the iteration.

    I love the protect your genitals part.

    I think I do so because I am very concerned about it’s health and the kind of unwanted troubles it can bring.

    Meanwhile, I enjoyed myself while everything else reading.

  3. This is such a refreshing read! I smiled all through!

  4. Extremely beautiful piece. Every point made a lot of sense and I’ve sured reaffirmed some of my beliefs with this and learned some new things. I truly look forward to reading more of ur articles…. what a great way to start my day !!!

    • I’m doing mental backflips….Lol… Thanks so much…. I’m glad you learnt something meaningful. I can’t also wait for you to read all the juicy articles we have coming. Have an amazing day.#Cheers

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