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10 Life Hacks You Should Try Before You Are Old And Grey

We love anything that would make our lives less stressful. Nobody would pass up on an opportunity to live an easier, more efficient and productive life. Especially when it cost little or nothing. 

In the next 10 points, you’d learn tips and tricks that would make your everyday living easier.  You ready? 


1. Never forget anyone that borrows stuff from you 

If you’re in the habit of forgetting which of your friends borrowed a book from your shelf, or anything at all, then this is exactly what you need. Take a picture of your buddy, holding the item they borrowed from you. Then create a borrowed album folder in your phone gallery, to remember. Only delete the picture when the borrowed item has been returned. 

2. Smelly shoes can be embarrassing, but it doesn’t have to be anymore 

Stuff tea bags in your shoes to avoid it from smelling the roof out. The trick here is that the tea bag absorbs the bad smell. Got it? 

3. If you don’t want your shirt buttons falling off

Apply a drop of clear nail polish on your shirt buttons, to prevent them from falling off. It’s that simple 🙂

4. Put that empty pringles tube to good use

Next time you’re done devouring your delicious pringles, don’t rush to dispose the tube. Instead turn it into a storage container for your spaghetti. You’re welcome. 

5. Remove toilet stains with a bottle of Coca-Cola 

Next time there’s a stubborn stain in your toilet bowl. Don’t sweat it. Pour a can or bottle of Coca-Cola into your toilet bowl, and let it stay overnight. Then the next morning, wash with detergent and flush. 

6. Prevent finger injuries whenever you’re hammering a nail.

Protect your fingers from unecceasary injuries, by using a cloth clip to hold a nail, while you hammer it in.

7. Respect 

Know this. Know this. Know this. Not everyone would be on board with your opinions. And that’s absolutely OK. Don’t choke your point of view, down anyone’s throat. Instead, respectfully explain your opinions. Don’t take it personally, when someone doesn’t agree with you. You don’t agree with everyone either. 

8. If you’re sick and tired of having charger cords all over the place,  you may want to save the toilet paper roll, and use it to organize your different charger cords. 

9. Make the easiest speakers ever

Amplify the sound of your phone, by putting it in a plastic cup.

10. Bad breath during the day?

 No problem, a bite from an apple will keep your breath fresh. 

Extra life hacks because you deserve more 🙂

11 A wooden spoon would keep your pot from boiling over, and making a mess of the stove

By simply placing a wooden spoon on your cooking pot, you prevent your pot from boiling over and spilling food all over the stove. The logic behind this, is that, as what is cooking starts to boil up, the wooden spoon will pop the bubbles and prevent it from spilling over. 

12  Stop being a cry – baby when you cut onions

Chill onions in the fridge before you cut them. It represses the acid in the onion that makes you cry. Cheers to saving your tears for when you actually need it. 

Which of this hacks do you enjoy the most? Do you have any hack you use on a daily basis? Do share in the comment section 🙂

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