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10 amazing facts about the human body

Our body is our home, and sanctuary. That’s where our personalities are harboured for life. Our body is a fascinating masterpiece. In fact, to keep us alive, our bodies assume automatic control, so that we don’t labour to maintain the vital requirements for survival. Some of these would include: breathing in oxygen, and exhaling carbon dioxide. Pumping of blood by the heart, and digestion of the food you’ve eaten.

Even though there’s more, we’d delve into only 10 amazing facts about your body, that you probably know, or perhaps haven’t ever considered at all. Are you ready? OK then. Let’s dive!

  1. The acid in your stomach can digest razor blades: O-M-G! Fascinating, isn’t it? The stomach harbours one of the most strongest acids. The hydrochloric acid. And because of how strong this acid is, it can literally dissolve razor blades. Be warned however, don’t go around swallowing razor blades.
  2. You can’t lick your elbows: Did you already know that? It’s impossible to lick your elbows. Except you are super stretchy and flexible. Go ahead and give this a try. Comment in the comment box, how it went.
  3. It’s impossible to tickle yourself: It’s funny the things we can’t do for ourselves. So someone else tickles you,and you’re laughing nonstop. But you can’t even tickle yourself.
  4. In the course of a lifetime, you’d produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools: Yikes! Imagine having to go dipping in a saliva pool. That’s gross to think about. And yet, if you stored up your saliva in the span of your life, it’s likely to fill two swimming pools to the brim. Wow!
  5. The only muscle in the body that never tires, is the heart muscle: the heart is a muscular pump that pumps blood in the body. If it ever tires of pumping blood, then that’s really big trouble.
  6. No matter where you are in the world, the moon is never bigger than your thumb: How’s this even possible? Keep it cool. This is how this works. First of all, this is a fun fact. Something you should try, when the moon lits the sky tonight. Cover one your eyes with one of your hands. And with the other hand,do a thumbs up at the moon. Your entire thumb will cover the moon. You’re welcome.
  7. More germs are transferred by shaking hands: on an average we shake more than fifteen people weekly. And this is a great medium for germs to spread. Even after reading this, chances are that you’d not stop shaking hands. Imagine attending a gala, and refusing to shake hands with say a celebrity you admire so much. While you are unlikely to quit handshaking, you can however, learn to keep the germs at bay. Hand washing with a good antiseptic soap would help. Plus keep your hands off your face. Use a handkerchief to wipe off sweat,or calm any discomfort on your face.
  8. Most people are likely going to spend an average of their lifetime sitting on the toilet and pressing their phones.
  9. When you’re in panic mode, danger and in a fight, your body makes you stronger: The body releases adrenaline, when we are in panic mode. This explains why you can jump over a high fence when chased by a dog. Adrenaline causes your heart to beat faster, and pump more blood than it would have normally. This helps you become more agile. In fact it adjust the body so that in danger mode or in a fight, you’d have a greater chance of surviving.
  10. The longest bone in the body is the femur and the smallest bone in the body is the staple: The femur runs from the hip to the knee, where it connects with the Tibia and fibulae (leg bones) to form the knee joint.
    The Staples is the one of the three bones found in the middle ear.

Did you enjoy the facts about the human body? You’d agree that the human body is full of amazing artistry. What mind blowing fact do you know about the body, that is not mentioned here? Let’s read your comments in the comment box.
Have a wonderful day, or night.

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